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Kansas Farm Insurance – Comprehensive Experts

Farming Family in Kansas - Jensen InsuranceJensen Insurance Group has been providing farm insurance to Kansas for years, crafting affordable plans customized for any size farm or ranch. We have local insurance offices that you can contact or visit in-person across the state of Kansas: Lawrence, Wichita, Osage City, Douglass, El Dorado. Contact us today for a free quote on agricultural insurance to see how we can save you money and get you the proper coverage, whether you have thousands of acres or just a few.

As an independent farm insurance broker in Kansas – Jensen is not tied to one particular insurance provider or brand. We don’t work for an insurance company, Jensen works for you & your family to find the best policies for everything you need insured. This also means that our insurance experts will handle the shopping around – with the benefit of years of experience helping farms & ranches similar to yours.

Farm & Ranch Insurance Can Get Complicated, Let Jensen Help

We’ve worked with many farmers & ranchers in Kansas, and they all know that there can be lots of moving pieces involved. Your home, farm equipment, vehicles, other structures – not to mention the crops & livestock themselves – Jensen has insured it all. Agricultural insurance can get complicated, but Jensen Insurance Group is here to help.

Types of Agricultural Insurance in Kansas:

  • Farm Insurance
  • Ranch Insurance
  • Agribusiness Insurance
  • Home Insurance
  • Farm Auto/Vehicle Insurance
  • Crop Insurance
  • Livestock Insurance
  • Equine Insurance
  • Farm Structures or Property Insurance
  • Farm Equipment Insurance
  • Farm Umbrella Policies
  • Farm Liability Insurance
  • Workers Compensation for Agribusiness

Farm & Home Insurance

Like any insurance office, we offer general home insurance – but we specialize in farm houses & rural homes in the country. Whether you have a large farm or small farm, thousands of acres or just a few. If you raise cattle, pigs, chickens – plant crops like soybeans, corn, milo, wheat – or run a dairy. Jensen Insurance can find the right insurance policies for you.

Grain Truck & Tractor in Osage City, KS - Jensen Farm InsuranceFarm Auto Insurance

Like any insurance office, we offer general auto insurance – but, we specialize in farm autos & vehicles. Whether you have a one-ton pickup, semi, or a grain truck (or a fleet!), we have the policies. We can also insure stock trailers and utility trailers – along with boats & ATVs.

Custom Agricultural Insurance for Your Kansas Farm

Don’t overpay for your farm insurance with plans or policies that don’t fit your needs! Every agribusiness is unique, and has unique insurance needs. A bad fit with an insurance policy will leave you at risk for some parts of your farm or make you pay for coverage you don’t need.

At Jensen, once we understand your farm or ranch situation, we’ll find the correct mix of policies from the companies we carry. You can trust us to recommend policies that will keep your farm, home, and livelihood safe & protected.

Contact Jensen for Farm Insurance in Kansas – Free Quote

If you’re looking for agricultural insurance in Kansas – contact Jensen Insurance Group today. You can contact us online, or reach out to any of our local offices across Kansas – by phone or even in person.

No matter what you need covered, we’ll find the right plan or plans for you by comparing a variety of the best farm insurance providers available. Get a free quote on Kansas Farm Insurance from Jensen Insurance Group today!

Herefords at Kansas Ranch - Jensen Insurance